Why choose a doula?

As a Doula I provide emotional, physical and educational support during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. I have been trained by knowledgeable and experienced certified instructors, and have a wide range of experience. I understand that each family’s personality, needs and wishes are unique, so I offer a FREE initial consultation to allow time to meet and decide if I am the best fit for you and your family.


Birth Planning Session

Birth Doula

If you are first-time parents who want help navigating the unfamiliar territory of labor and childbirth, or if you are growing your family and would like a better birth experience than you had previously. Whatever your situation, a doula can help guide you and your partner through the birth process, helping you to feel heard and cared for so that you are ultimately more satisfied with your birth experience. Having a doula assist you with your birth offers you:

  • AN EXPERIENCED LABOR GUIDE: to help you understand birth and calm your fears, while providing hands-on comfort measures and in-the-moment coaching to optimize birth progress.
  • PARTNER SUPPORT: through the teaching of techniques to better support you and bring you closer in this special time, allowing your partner to feel more effective and supported.
  • INFORMED DECISION MAKING: by providing information and educational support so you and your partner can make the best choices for your family.
  • CONTINUOUS ONE ON ONE SUPPORT: to complement the medical staff, and enhance your support team while maintaining harmony and helping you to feel confident in advocating for your own best interests.
  • AN INCREASED SENSE OF SATISFACTION: with your birth through the reduction of complications and interventions, including Cesarean birth and postpartum depression.


Postpartum Doula

Many parents say that they wish, they had spent more time preparing for what happens after their baby is born. As a postpartum doula I can help you and your family understand what to expect, and learn how to care for your baby as well as help with postpartum recovery. I help parents adjust to the challenges of newborn family life. A postpartum doula supports the family through:

  • INFANT CARE SUPPORT: for new or relearning parents, including diapering, cord care, bathing and learning to read your baby’s cues.
  • LACTATION SUPPORT: support for the nursing or pumping mother and when needed help resolving challenges you may be facing while nursing.
  • GENTLE REASSURANCE: with the natural emotional and physical phases of maternal recovery from childbirth and the transition to parenthood for both parents.
  • AN EXTRA SET OF HANDS: to allow mom some much needed rest or while she showers and cares for herself, help you shop for groceries and prepare meals, purchase groceries, help with errands and outings and offer help with siblings.

Breastfeeding Peer Support

I offer peer support to encourage pregnant women & those currently breastfeeding. Individual support, encouragement, education & help with problems that may arise. I support clients in all stages of their nursing journey weather you are pregnant and want to learn more about breastfeeding or you need help transitioning back to work and pumping, or have hit a snag and need some encouragement. Support is available through telephone calls, Skype or FaceTime calls & In person appointments and visits in my office. If you are pregnant and wish to know more about how to get off on a good start nursing your new little one we can meet before delivery to talk and I can come to you in the hospital after you deliver to help you get baby started nursing if you wish.


With Breastfeeding Peer Support You Gain:
  • Increased Confidence
  • Help to Meet your Breastfeeding Goals
  • Respect for your Choices as a Mom
  • Help Developing your Motherly Intuition
  • Connect you with other Mothers
  • Help Involving Partners & Family
  • Support as you Transition to Work
  • Pumping & Milk Storage Information
  • Help Overcoming Nursing Complications
  • Connect  with an Expert if Needed


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Childbirth Preparation Classes

I offer both group & private Childbirth Preparation Classes in a Relaxed and open atmosphere, we laugh as we learn how to make the birth of your new baby the best it can be. Contact me to learn the dates of upcoming classes or to schedule private classes or an all day crash course that fits your availability.


My 5 Week Course Covers:


  • The Purpose of Pain in Labor
  • Confidence Building
  • Anatomy and Terminology
  • Signs Birth is Near
  • Phases & Stages of Birthing
  • Medical Intervention
  • Informed Consent
  • Rights of Childbearing Women
  • Arriving at your Birthplace
  • Medical Pain Management
  • Birth Plans
  • Cesarean Birth
  • Relaxation & Visualization
  • Techniques for Comfort
  • Tips for an UnMedicated Birth
  • What to Pack
  • Your New Baby
  • Your Body Postpartum
  • & Much More


Your Body . Your Baby . Your Birth . Your Way