My passion is you, and I will do everything in my power to support you.

As a mother myself, while pregnant with my third child, I thought I knew labor and delivery. I had always enjoyed my previous births. However, with this birth I reached out to a good friend. She had vast knowledge of childbirth, had delivered her own, and had been the support person present when others delivered their babies. Although not practicing as a doula, she supported me as a doula would. Oh my goodness, I left that birth feeling more empowered and stronger than I ever have in my entire life. I knew I liked labor and delivery before this but not only was my baby girl born that day, so too was I. I was born as a future birth worker. I had tried nursing school in the past and thought I might rededicate myself to that field and become a labor and delivery nurse. However, I quickly decided my passion was to focus on the mother herself, instead of her clinical symptoms.


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Candice Ullery - Birth Doula

It's Your Body, Your Baby,
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Candice Ullery

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I set out to gain as much knowledge about the natural process of labor and child birth as I could. Through books, seminars, classes I have taken, videos, web instruction, speaking with experts and personal experience as a birthing mother and a doula I have acquired knowledge and further seated my passion for this calling. I am always reading and studying and educating myself to better serve my clients, this is a never ending task for a birth worker. To prepare me to serve as a professional doula I have completed coursework and in-person training. I have also given birth as a full induction with an epidural and I have given birth fully natural with almost no medical intervention. I have supported women in both circumstances as well as those needing a cesarean section.


I am a member of DONA international and a 100 percent doula member for training and support and education from professional doulas and birth professionals with years of experience in their collective fields. I draw on my knowledge of birth as well as my past experience as a nursing student and an EMT to help you better understand and communicate with the medical staff on your team.


In addition to my birth experience and training I have both experience and have training supporting breastfeeding and bottle-feeding mothers. I nursed three children exclusively for their first year of life I have experience bottle feeding with both formula and breast milk, as well as pumping and donating breast milk to be used for premature infants and cancer patients. My passion is to support, empower, sooth and calm the mothers and fathers and prepare you to meet your baby in a relaxed, peaceful and beautiful way, to help make the birth and beginning of your new baby’s life special. No matter if it's your first, fifth or tenth child, every birth should be amazing and should bring couples together and strengthen single mothers alike.


Candice Ullery - Birth Doula



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